Davide Dusnasco was born in August of 1992 in Torino. His passion for photography manifested itself very early on and when he was just 12 years old he shot a reportage of a trip to Africa on a Minolta 7000. Right after his diploma he dedicated himself body and soul to photography, transforming his passion into a job, specializing himself in wedding photography.

In 2011 he began to collaborate with JoyPhotographers, a small wedding studio, which in time went to become one of the top wedding photography studios in Italy. In 2015, at just 23 years old, Davide was ranked among the top 40 best wedding photographers in the world by the WPJA (Wedding Photojournalism Association).

Davide doesn’t only shoot for work, he loves to travel and tell the stories of the places he visits, taking portraits of the locals with his Fuji XT2.

Other than his love for photography, he’s been very passionate about skiing since he was a kid and became a Ski Instructor in 2016.



The job of a wedding photographer isn’t at all easy. Behind every picture there is a whole new world: the search for emotions, accuracy in symmetries, eye for detail are all fundamental elements which must be kept into consideration.

When I work with people, I always try to make them feel at ease and comfortable because, unfortunately, not all of us are born as models! Handling tensions, finding yourself in small spaces or places with little light represent small unpredictable events which those in this line of work must know how to handle, while those who aren’t professionals often don’t even notice!

What I try to do is to put all of myself into my pictures: I throw myself into situations and I always want to me moving, searching for what’s behind that next corner I am in front of.

The happiness in the eyes of my clients is the best kind of reward.

Life style:

I was always really fascinated by the pictures of great photographers like Kudelka, Salgado, Erwitt, Bresson and it’s thanks to them that I began to feel more passionate about street photography, which we commonly call reportage. But what is reportage exactly?

For me, it’s a story to tell, a moment frozen in time without stopping it, letting the events flow. Reportage style is my favorite way of capturing a wedding: I let the couple free to express themselves in their day to day love and even when I work with my protagonists posing I try to create intimate and natural scenarios using lights, background and details.

The eye should be able to pick up in a fraction of a second what’s happening in the picture and it’s up to the talent of the photographer to allow emotions transpire through the film.

davide dusnasco life style